Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LSBL 22/2008 - SK Cēsis 82, DU/Swedbank 52

It would be hard to think of two teams more mismatched than SK Cēsis (20-2) and DU/Swedbank (2-20). DU/Swedbank is at the bottom of the Latvian League and SK Cēsis is in second place.

So what do you hope for when you're the better team? You hope that you win and that no one gets hurt. Even though SK Cēsis pulled away with the 82-52 win, SK Cēsis would lose Anda Eibele after a collision with Ēriku Mauriņu in the second quarter. The full extent of Eibele's injury is not known.

The box score is here.

For SK Cēsis, the win was very much a blowout. DU was held to just 11 points in the first quarter and only 10 in the second, leading 42-31 at halftime. They led by over 30 at one time in the third quarter, and had no trouble winning every quarter of the game.

DU/Swedbank only shot 39 percent from the field, but hit 9 out of 18 3-pointers. SK Cēsis would shoot 44 percent and almost match DU 3-pointer for 3-pointer. SK Cēsis had 14 offensive rebounds in the game.

No one would have confused this game with good basketball. It was sloppy. SK Cēsis turned over the ball 18 times and DU/Swedbank turned the ball over 27 times. Furthermore, DU/Swedbank only visited the free throw line four times - and only hit one free throw.

Leading DU/Swedbank were Olesja Jevsejeva with 10 points and eight rebounds, and Kristīna Egle with 18 points, shooting 6-for-12 from 3-point range. The other performances from DU/Swedbank were negligable.

What about visiting SK Cēsis? Rima Maregeviciute was the player of the game with 18 points and nine rebounds. Kristīne Kārkliņa scored 11 points in just 19 minutes of play. Former Dream player Kristen Mann scored only two points but had six rebounds. Tamera Young only played 18 minutes, and shot just 3-for-10 for six total points and four turnovers.

As for Anda Eibele, she was averaging 6.3 ppg/4.3 rpg/2.3 apg. We at the Pleasant Dreams blog hope she gets better soon.

I'm hoping to find some pictures from this game. Maybe later.


Anonymous said...

Why dont you put every game notation up like when Tamera Young had 36 pts and 13 rbds 6 stls 3 assists 3 turnovers in 32 minutes...

Anonymous said...

yeah I agree it feels like they emphasize our players average games....but I did see Tam on here with the great game last week..they did post it

Anonymous said...

Generally, I try to focus on players that are better known: that means WNBA players, Atlanta Dream players or players that might have had some college ball in the United States. Most people might rather know that Tamera had six points than "Unknown European Player" had 24.

I do agree with Anon #1 that perhaps the writeups on individual player performance should be replaced - or at least supplemented - with a standard statline. I'll pick that up with my next game recap.