Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Annie Oakleys

Azzi: A Hall of Fame Gunner

Why will Jennifer Azzi be inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame? Oh yeah, she had a great college career and she won two gold medals for the United States, and she played in both the ABL and WNBA, but what's amazing about Jennifer Azzi is her ability to hit the long-range shot.

You need at least a 0.300 clip from beyond the 3-point line to be considered a long-range gunner. That's equivalent to a 0.450 2-point field goal percentage. Hitting 0.400 from beyond the 3-point line is nothing short of astonishing if you can do it regularly. Not surprisingly, there are only nine women who have played in the WNBA with a percentage over 0.400 and who have over 100 3-point attempts.

Even though Azzi is only 60th all time in 3-point shots attempted - Katie Smith has far and away the most tries with 1,862 - Azzi has the most attempts among our Annie Oakleys.

Highest 3-Point Field Goal Percentages
(minimum 100 attempts)

1. Jennifer Azzi, 158-345, 0.458
2. Laurie Koehn, 92-205, 0.449
3. Cathy Joens, 46-110, 0.418
4. Sidney Spencer, 85-205, 0.417
5. Kristen Rasmussen, 59-142, 0.415
6. Sandy Brondello, 114-278, 0.410
7. Jackie Stiles, 65-160, 0.406
8. Jamie Carey, 84-207, 0.406
9. Eva Nemcova, 131-326, 0.402
10. Korie Hlede, 83-209, 0.397

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