Sunday, February 22, 2009

Greek Women's A1 20/2008 - Apollon Kalamaris 70, Paleo Faliro 65

With Kastoria having folded and with Aris Holargos playing junior high basketball, it shouldn't be too hard to sneak into the Greek Women's A1 playoffs. Paleo Falrio (12-8) hoped to pick up another road win this Sunday but faltered on the road against Apollon Kalamaris (12-8). It was a disappointing 70-65 road loss.

The box score is here.

Paleo Faliro actually led 24-17 after one quarter and kept a five point lead going into halftime, 43-38. Unfortunately, the second half would tell a different story. Apollon Kalamaris caught up with Paleo Faliro in the third quarter and led 56-52 with ten minutes to go. All we know is that Paleo Faliro would go down to defeat after that.

Paleo Faliro was more accurate than the home team in field goal percentage, 49 percent to 43 percent. However, Apollon Kalamaris hit 9 out out of 23 shots from long range. Paleo Faliro's rebounding was better overall, but they would turn the ball over 17 times. Apollon Kalamaris was greatly helped by hitting 11 out of 13 of their free throw opportunities.

Apollon Kalamaris

Johanna Solverson: 28 points, 7 rebounds. Solverson was a senior at Iowa during 2007-08.
Nelli Bibiri: 3 points, 7 rebounds, 4 steals. All in just 21 minutes of play.
Alex Giannopoulou: 7 points in 18 minutes.

Paleo Faliro

Karen Mourd: 15 points, 10 rebounds. 7-for-11 shooting.
Teana Miller: 8 points, 12 rebounds. 5-for-7 shooting.
Kristin Haynie: 12 points, 5 assists. However, she had four turnovers.

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