Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gran Canaria: "Extrugasa are cheaters!" - Extrugasa: "Gran Canaria are LIARS!"

I found out from Bert at the Painel do Basquete Feminino that there has been some dispute in the Spanish League over Extrugasa's win over Gran Canaria. At the Gran Canaria website, Gran Canaria have made many accusations against Extrugasa - that Extrugasa played dirty, that Extrugasa's fans were allowed to sit behind Gran Canaria's bench and be disruptive with noisemakers and insults, and that Extrugasa was getting the benefit of biased refereeing.

Some named "Jlsaav" posted a video at YouTube as a response. (I keep getting a message that the video is no longer available - you might have better luck watching it at the PBF website link, above.) It's a very creative response that appears to combine a children's song about liars and video clips from the Extrugasa-Gran Canaria game. If you can get the video to load, look at #11 in the white jersey: that's Iziane Castro Marques, and she's putting on quite a show.

(I now have a headache from that children's song....)

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