Thursday, February 5, 2009


If I were to ask someone "what is the greatest number of regular season games ever played in a WNBA season by a player?" I'm sure the answer would ring back "34". Why? Because there are 34 games in a typical WNBA season, and it's impossible to play more than that maximum number.

Unfortunately, the answer would be wrong. Let's say that a player on Team A is traded to Team B in mid-season. The player has played in all of Team A's games up to this point. However, Team B has not played as many games as Team A, and has more games left to play than Team A. The player goes to the new team, and plays in all of Team B's remaining games. The result is that such a player could end up playing in more than 34 reguar season games.

There are two WNBA players who have played in more than 34 regular season games in one year, due to such a mid season trade. One has played 36 games in a season and the other has played 35 games in a season

Hint: they were both traded to the same team in the same year. Furthermore, they are both still playing for that team.

Update: Answers in the comment section.

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Anonymous said...

Katie Smith was traded from Minnesota to Detroit in 2005. She would end up playing 36 games that year. Plenette Pierson was traded from Phoenix to Detroit in 2005. She would end up playing 35 games that year.