Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Update on the 2009 Atlanta Dream

Okay, with the Snow signing yesterday, this is what we look like:

A: Players Who Played Last Year

C Mattera (married name of Katie Feenstra)
C Snow (free agent signing)

F/C de Souza
F Lacy
F Lyttle (acquired from dispersal draft)

G/F Castro Marques
G Haynie
G Latta
G Young

B: Players Who Didn't Play Last Year, But Whom We Expect To Play

C Anderson
G Teasley

C: Players Who Might Or Might Not Be Signed, Or Show Up

F Holdsclaw
C Leuchanka
?? #1 Draft Pick

D: Players Who Played Last Year, and Have Been Traded/Waived

Ann Strother
Chioma Nnamaka
Alison Bales
Betty Lennox
Kasha Terry


Anonymous said...

somethings gotta give, its going to be a competitive training camp

Anonymous said...

Since there are only 15 training camp slots, my guess is that:

a) Leuchanka isn't coming,
b) there is another trade or waiver in the works, and
c) only three of the four draft picks will be invited to training camp - one pick will be used to secure the rights to some Europlayer.

stevieg999 said...

The number one draft pick will be definitely picked. She is much younger, stronger, energetic and less expensive. Katie Frestra is probably history.

Anonymous said...

stevieg999, I wonder how hard it will be to move Feenstra (now Mattera).

I keep hearing from cognoscenti that Mattera can't be moved because "she's signed a contract" but I can't find any evidence of this contract, unless it was inherited from the Detroit Shock.

But Atlanta can get rid of anyone they want through waivers, if necessary. That's my biggest fear - that no team will want to trade with the Dream because they figure, "the Dream will have to drop someone; we'll just pick them up off waivers".