Monday, February 23, 2009

A New Pic?

This might or not be a pic of Maccabi Ramat Hen celebrating its 100-60 win over Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv. I'm a bit suspicious, as I thought Ramat Hen was playing at home, so shouldn't they be wearing white?

Then again, it might have been at Tel Aviv. According to the Israel media, only 100 people attended this game.


Rebecca said...

Let's not forget that different countries and different sports have different rules about who wears white and who wears colors. I have to be reminded of this at least once a year when I try to bond with my father over Italian soccer. (Sports bonding is much easier with my mom and her Pinstriped, Blueshirt blood.)

Anonymous said...

The rules are definitely not what I'm used to elsewhere. For example, when watching TV, the visitor's score tends to be at the top and the home team score is at the bottom.

I think of US matches as "Visitor vs. Home". But in Europe, it's definitely "Home vs. Visitor".