Thursday, February 26, 2009

Atlanta Dream: Class A Basketball At Its Best

From the article at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution called "Take 10: State basketball tournament games we'd like to see", a interesting matchup is proposed by writer Glen LaFollette:

5: Wesleyan vs. Atlanta Dream (Class A girls) — Well, sure it’s a long shot. But we’d like to see someone challenge Jan Azar’s squad. We think the Dream would certainly be a defensive nightmare, but we have faith in Anne Marie Armstrong and Azar to bring home another title.

Heh. That's the first time anyone called us a "defensive nightmare". I'd love to see the game, but it's one of those situations where you get nothing if you win it and lose everything if you lose it. Maybe a one-quarter exhibition game? Bring them to Philips Arena for some honor? Bueller?

Hmm. If Marynell Meadors and Carol Ross don't work out, maybe we can call Jan Azar.


Kate Lee said...

Would be a great charity-event matchup, if GHSA allowed it.

How about all you Dream fans come out to Yancey Gym on Feb 28 at 6 pm to check out the Lady Wolves?

You can see two Div I signees, and at least one junior player who will also go D1.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I thought that game was tonight at 6pm. (In which case, I'd not be able to make it as I leave work at 6pm.)

But hey Dream fans, if you're jonesing for quality basketball and you want to see a great team playing just down the road in Norcross, and you want to support girls' basketball in your community, just head out to Yancey and tell them Kate Lee sent ya!