Saturday, February 28, 2009

Breaking News - Nikki Teasley to Estudiantes in Spain

Nikki in her new duds.

With Estudiantes looking at a possible relegation, they have taken a page out of Extrugasa's book. Extrugasa hired Iziane Castro Marques to keep them out of the bottom of the league, and now Estudiantes has hired Nikki Teasley to give them such much needed wins with six games left.

The translated article is here. This happened on Friday, February 27th, so I was very lucky to find out about this, as Ros Casares played Estudiantes today and I saw Teasley's name in the box score.

Leah Rush, who last played for the Chicago Sky, terminated her contract with Estudiantes which made room for Teasley. I don't know how much impact Teasley can make in just six games...but it looks like we're going to find out pretty soon....

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