Friday, February 20, 2009

BWBL 7/2008 - SK Cēsis 96, Kazakhstan NT 48

Tamara, it's really unfair of you to dunk on the Kazakhstanis.

I suppose that sooner or later, I'd end up like Daniel Boone. Boone said that he was never lost, but he admitted to being bewildered for three days.

In deciphering the Baltic Women's Basketball League, I admit I'm bewildered. I suspect that the BWBL is made up of a sort of Eastern European Euroleague, which includes countries which were former Soviet Republics.

The schedule for the BWBL looks a little haphazard. Some of these teams have played 11 or so games - others have played just a few.

I know the score of this game. The score is in the title, obviously. However, the BWBL page does not have a result. Neither does Basket LV, the website for all those Latvians out there who love basketball.

Nor does SK Cēsis. SK Cēsis is quite happy to tell us about how the game went (the writeup is here) and is glad to provide all sorts of great pictures.

The gallery is here.

Unfortunately, they don't provide what serious basketball fans want - a box score.

I know that the score at halftime was 28-12 in favor of SK Cēsis. By halftime, the score was 58-29. Kazakhstan NT was held to just 19 points in the second half. Ouch.

The roster of Kazakhstan NT must remain a mystery. is usually the ultimate source of information, but Kazakhstan NT falls under the heading of "" and there isn't even a roster there. There's a website link, but they don't have the writeup, either.

Here are some random facts:

Tamera Young: 22 points. That's all I know.
Ieva Tare: 17 points.
Kristen Mann: 16 points, 10 rebounds.

Not bad. If I ever find a box score, I'll just attach it to this post.

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