Sunday, January 11, 2009

Greek Women Stage One-Game Walkout on Team

This week, Panathinaikos beat Aris Holargou by a score of 102-25 in the Greek Women's A1 League. The box score is here. I wondered what the hell happened to Aris Holargou, and now I found out the answer. There was a one-game walkout by some of the players.

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The remaining players of Greek Holargos Mars is not going to fall in the first game of 2009 because of financial inconsistency of the association. It made a joint statement to explain the reasons and also to sound the alarm over the construction of women's basketball.

"Unfortunately, in our case, the pride eklifthike failure. We patience has stood the lies and promises, but the mockery has limits. We decided we abstain, we have forced the administrators to stop. We do patience three and four months. The same if you were late to pay in three or four days, would revolt. And because many do not know, for our basketball is a profession. At least in terms of obligations. With daily practice, even in the mornings. As for earnings, of course, not. Live with loans. With the risk of injury to elochefei daily. Α But the word''security''is not included in the liabilities of the association.

And all this happening in presumed fourth team in Greece. ... In a group that is in the time of fainal Cup ...

The defeat not only the players of Aris Holargos, but throughout the female basketball. It is time all those wishing to raise sleeves. The men did their struggle and vindicated. Should do the same and women. Do not mistake ladies and gentlemen. The building is steraio. And those who do not care, we must stop looking only after themselves. If burning the next house, at some point and will burn their own."

Life Kechagia, Aristea Maglaras, Konstantina Ouzouni, Theoni Tzegiannaki Sofia Kyriakopoulos, Ntenia Margari

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Let this be a lesson to any ex-NCAA or WNBA players who have stumbled across the blog: if you play in Greece, make sure you have the money in hand. Paul Shirley noted in his book about how cheap the Greek Men's League was and how payment was always an issue. Looks like the women in Greece have had just about enough of this.

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