Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ethmar.Com Is Off The Air

I learned this morning that one of my favorite blogs, has just gone off the air. The reasons why are explained here.

I was very lucky to actually meet Ethan in person, and he's just as insightful as his blog indicates, if you've taken any time to read the entries. Not only could I read fresh perspectives about what was going on in the WNBA, but I could also learn a bit about wine, movies, and other things I might not have been exposed to.

I'm hoping that he comes back to blogging soon - either as a throwaway blogspot account or maybe at a place like Bleacher Report, where he wouldn't be expected to post regularly. At least, I hope he'll keep commenting and if he devotes any of his time to the WNBA that he'll share his thoughts in some medium.

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Ethan said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm not completely gone, but as for the site itself, meh, it's paid for for 2009 so it will just sit and attract random Googlers. :-)

"Such a noisy one as I never spoke with the lips of Death."