Saturday, January 31, 2009

LFB (Spain) 16/2008 - Ibiza 72, Extrugasa 60 - Extrugasa's Coach Booted

Isaac Fernandez in better days.

It's beginning to look like a long year for Extrugasa (2-14). There are only ten games left in the season and Extrugasa is desperately trying to avoid relegation to the 2A league of the Liga Feminina. Unfortunately, today's 72-60 loss to Ibiza (8-9) means that Extrugasa would have to win at least two games to get out of the Spanish cellar.

The box score is here.

Part of the problem was that Extrugasa started out flat, held to 13 points in the first quarter. Extrugasa managed to close to within seven points of Ibiza, down only 37-30 at halftime. Ibiza played Extrugasa evenly for for the rest of the game, and Extrugasa left Ibiza with their 14th loss in 16 games.

Ibiza hit 52 percent of their shots, and from inside the 3-point line, they hit 60 percent of their shots. Extrugasa, by contrast, only shot 44 percent. Both teams rebounded equally well, with Ibiza doing slightly better. Ibiza turned the ball over 20 times, but Extrugasa was so luckless that they couldn't capitalize - Extrugasa had 21 turnovers.

Extrugasa was sent to the line 14 times - but only hit eight shots. Compare this with Ibiza, which was sent to the line 12 times but hit 10 of them.

Leading Ibiza was (hopefully) future Atlanta Dream star Sancho Lyttle. Lyttle had a double-double of 18 points and 10 rebounds, with five steals. With just eight players scoring, five scored in double figures, including Shannon Johnson with 11 points and five rebounds. Sandra Pirsic scored 10 points and eight rebounds.

As for Extrugasa, Iziane Castro Marquez scored 12 points to lead Extrugasa. She was 5-for-7 inside the 3-point line, but outside it, she was a dismal 0-for-5. She had three rebounds but turned the ball over five times. Elisha Turek was probably Extrugasa's MVP, with 10 points and four rebounds. Sara Gomez also scored 11 points.

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I just found out that three days ago, coach Isaac Fernandez of Extrugasa resigned. He had coach Extrugasa for eight years, but this season was the end. Most likely, he resigned before he was fired.

Tito Díaz takes over the helm at Extrugasa. Díaz is an experienced coach of men's basketball. However, looking at the score above, Tito Diaz has a ways to go before he can turn Extrugasa around.

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