Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Comets Fans Complain About Late Reimbursements

Those Comets fans who purchased season tickets for a 2009 Houston Comets season that never materialized are now waiting for their money back.

According to the posters on RebKell, they were supposed to have their season ticket cost automatically reimbursed to the credit card if they paid by credit card. Now, supposedly, that has changed and they will be paid by check. But the checks have not come.

They were also supposed to have their money back by January 2nd. Here we are at January 13th and there is no movement on this issue.

I don't know the WNBA's side of this story - I only know the side of those who posted a complain. But if the complainers are telling an accurate story, then I will use a word to describe the situation that comes from this very thread.


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