Saturday, January 10, 2009

LFB (Spain) 14/2008 - Ros Casares 94, Joventut 81

Armintie Price seeks out a basket.

In Spanish women's basketball, the story is "the rich get richer". Ros Casares (13-1) continues to put distance between themselves and their opponents with a 94-81 win over home team Joventut (9-5). If Perfumerias loses, Ros Casares will be in the lead in the LFB standings by two games.

The box score for the game is here.

Initially, the game looked like it would be a blowout on behalf of Ros Casares. After ten minutes, El Ros had a 28-14 lead, and they crossed the 50 point mark before halftime, leading 56-36. Both teams played evenly in the third quarter, with the help of an 11-0 run by Joventut. Joventut managed to win the fourth quarter by eight points, but it wasn't enough to overcome Ros Casares's lead.

Jovenut shot 46 percent from the field, but Ros Casares shot 19 percent, including 13-of-21 shooting from the free throw line. Both teams turned the ball over 25 times, leading to an exciting game with a lot of opportunities to score. Ros Casares would send Joventut to the free throw line 23 times, where the visitors would hit 19 of their shots, shooting which helped Joventut stay in the game.

Gisela Vega led all Joventut scorers with 28 points and five rebounds. Three other players scored in double figures, including Armintie Price (of the Chicago Sky) with 16 points and six steals. Murriel Page, a long-time WNBA veteran now playing with the Los Angeles Sparks, scored 16 points and five rebounds, but also had five turnovers.

For Ros Casares, Amaya Valdemoro led all players with 22 points. Erika de Souza scored 15 points and had five steals. The other two WNBA veterans didn't do so well - Delisha Milton-Jones (Los Angeles Sparks) scored 10 points but had four turnovers, and Candice Wiggins (Minnesota Lynx), a new acquisition for Ros Casares to replace Roneeka Hodges, scored only five points and had four turnovers in 13 minutes of play.

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