Monday, January 26, 2009

Tamera Young to Latvia

Tamera Young is heading off to Latvia to play for top-ranked Latvian team SK Cēsīs. SK Cēsīs is 14-2 so far this year in Latvian play. She will debut on February 6th against TTT Riga, which is currently 17-0.

It appears that the plan was that Young was supposed to move directly from Extrugasa in Spain to SK Cēsīs in Latvia. However, Young's ankle injury derailed that plan and SK Cēsīs was forced to wait. Young has been training for the last two weeks and is expected to arrive in good condition in February.

Young will be hooking up with former Dream player Kristen Mann who plays for SK Cēsīs. In addition to Latvian play, she should also be playing in some Baltic Women's Basketball League games.

It's good to see Young back on the court and we wish her the best of luck from the Pleasant Dreams blog!

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