Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today's Trivia Challenge

Name the five players in the WNBA (without looking at basketball-reference) who have scored over 1000 free throws in a career. We'll give you some hints:

1. MBA and MVP
2. Three Gold Medals
3. ABL Player
4. Lipstick
5. Three Silver Medals

Name the four players who have played in every season of the WNBA.

1. Friend of Dikembe Mutombo
2. Three-time All Star
3. Listed in last question
4. Champion long jumper

Name the other four players (excluding the above four) who have played both in 1997 and 2008:

1. Rough girl
2. First dunker
3. Out
4. She's a Trotter


Rebecca said...

1. Lisa Leslie
2. Sheryl Swoopes?
3. Katie Smith?
4. Tina Thompson
5. Lauren Jackson

1. Mwadi Mabika
2. Tamecka Dixon
3. Lisa Leslie
4. Vickie Johnson

1. Latasha Byears
2. Lisa Leslie
3. Sheryl Swoopes
4. Nancy Lieberman? (I didn't think Lieberman had had a run with the Globetrotters, though- I know Woodard did.)

I did use the WNBA Guide and Register, but only to confirm any suspicions I had- go figure, both cases involved Sheryl Swoopes.

petrel said...

Not bad - 11 for 12. You've only missed one!

(Hint: you have a correct answer matched with the wrong clue, so if you can reshuffle part of the list and match the correct answer with the right clue, you can find some other player meeting the newly-vacant clue's description.)

pt said...

Make that 12 for 13. I can't count today. :D

pt said...

Agh. You were right on 11 of 13. (What's wrong with me.)

The switched clues are in the first part and Lisa Leslie has not played every WNBA season.