Friday, June 6, 2008

Preparing for Tonight's Game

Things I'm bringing to the Sky/Dream game tonight:

Myself. That goes without saying.

Cash. I intend to buy a $25 seat and pay, hopefully, about $10-$15 for parking somewhere near Philips Arena. That makes about $40. Maybe $50 if we include soda and pie.

Instructions on how to get there. Hand written. I don't know that part of Atlanta very well.

My phone. I hope to call my wife during the game.

A digital camera. This will be used to take all sorts of (hopefully) interesting pictures.

A fact sheet x 10. This sheet will have the basic facts on all of the players from the Dream and Sky - number, name, position, height, weight, school, age, years in the league, points, rebounds, assists and efficiency. Extra facts are included at the bottom, pretty much "local color". Nine extra sheets in case someone else needs them.

From what I've read on blogs all across America, the WNBA is notorious for not providing programs. Therefore, I made my own, both for myself and for other fans.

Time to bring back Jambi the Genie for his predictions....

Lynx @ Sun: The Lynx prove that yes, they're for real and remain undefeated. Lynx 68, Sun 64.
Comets @ Liberty: The Comets, fresh off their first win, do it again. Comets 78, Liberty 74.
Sky @ Dream: The Dream's offense is finally coming together, but not enough against a Sky team that took LA to overtime. Atlanta remains winless. Sky 98, Dream 86.
Mystics @ Silver Stars: Sophia Young leads the Silver Stars to remain undefeated at home -- she won't be denied. Silver Stars 67, Mystics 62.
Shock @ Monarchs: The Shock edge the Monarchs, shooting over 50 percent. Shock 68, Monarchs 62.
Mercury @ Sparks: The Mercury make a run at an upset, but can't overcome LA at home. Sparks 85, Mercury 77.

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