Monday, June 9, 2008

National Sports Rankings Predictor

If you look to the list of links on the left, you'll see the National Sports Rankings Predictor (by Ed Bemiss) on the list of "Other WNBA-Type Links".

You've got to try it. Input two WNBA teams, and it will not only give you the predicted outcome of their matchup, but their difference in points (the betting line) and how that line changes if the teams switch home-team sites or meet on a neutral court.

Definitely very fun and I'll be using it, fer sure.

P. S. There's one flaw. It predicts that the Dream are going to lose to the Liberty at MSG by about 18 points. That couldn't be true, could it? COULD IT??!?

1 comment:

The Writer said...

New York will only beat the Dream by 18 points if the Liberty play to their potential.

So, in other words, no way. Nooooooo way.