Saturday, June 14, 2008

Any Publicity is Good Publicity...

...I guess.

I guess the people putting together the YaHoo! Front Pages didn't say, "WNBA? Who cares?"


A Founding Fan said...

It is strange, given that one of the ideas of the Olympics is to proudly represent your home country. And it does point to perhaps an increase in "free agency" in the Olympics.

With all that said, Becky can do what she wants. She said it was an economics decision. I don't question who she is for a minute. I hope the fans don't give her a hard time at the game on Wednesday.

petrel said...

I guess we're going to find out on Wednesday night when she comes to Atlanta. I'll have to listen to see if she gets more than the share of boos (usually minor) apportioned to the opposing team.