Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are You The Ultimate Dream Fan?

Well, are you? Do you eat Dream, sleep Dream, vacation Dream? And are you willing to stand on a hill and claim, "#1 Dream fan, c'est moi"?

Then go to the Dream Diary, which is the official blog of the Atlanta Dream. They are looking to add a blogger as their Dream Fan Blogger. The blogger will have a presence on the official WNBA Atlanta Dream blog...and who knows where that might lead to?

Here are the rules, from the Dream Diary site itself:

* Must be 18 or older. No exceptions.
* May be an Atlanta Dream fan!
* Understand that this is not a job - this is strictly a volunteerposition. You will not receive any form of payment other than the pride of being the Dream Fan Blogger!
*You must be able to demonstrate extensive knowledge of not just the Dream, our players and coaching staff, but have extensive knowledge of the WNBA, including everything from the beginnings of the league to what is going on around the league today. In other words, we need an avid, “hardcore” WNBA fan who eats, sleeps, and breathes WNBA.
*If you currently work for the WNBA or are in the media and write about / cover the WNBA, this gig is not for you.
*Your blog updates will be e-mailed in and edited for content, spelling / grammar errors, etc. Basically we just need to make sure we’re keeping it clean.
*Must be knowledgeable in using standard word processing and e-mail software. A background in journalism or creating writing is a plus.
*Should regularly attend Dream home games as much as possible.
*If you already have a blog about the Dream or anything WNBA, that is also a plus.
*In ONE PAGE OR LESS, turn in an essay on why you should be the Dream Fan Blogger. The Fan Blogger will be chosen among all entries. Tips: Be creative. Demonstrate your knowledge effecitvely. Why are you more deserving than every other applicant?
*All entries longer than one page will NOT be accepted. No exceptions.
*The Deadline for turning in your essay to become the Dream Fan Blogger is Monday, June 30th @ 5:30 PM. We want to launch the Fan Blogger’s first post on July 1st.

So do you have what it takes? If you do, start writing and turn in that essay. I'll definitely be linking you!

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