Monday, June 23, 2008

If a Dunk Happens in a Forest...

I'm doing my usual blog searches regarding the Dream and WNBA, and I've come across the blogs referring to the Candace Parker dunk last night. Generally, the haters are out and the attitude is dismissal.

Which is simply what I expected. If history tells us anything, it's that when a group belittles someone they consider beneath them by referring to a set of benchmarks the second group can't meet -- and then the second group meets the benchmarks -- the first group will simply move the benchmarks. Or find some reason to disqualify the achievement. It reminds me what someone said about the literacy tests in the South during the Civil Rights Era: whites were asked to spell "cat" and blacks were asked when the Edict of Nantes was revoked.

(By the way: 1685, baby.)

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