Monday, June 2, 2008

It Happened Elsewhere!

Sun 75, Sky 73. Only 2,276 showed up in Chicago to watch the Sky (1-3) lose its second straight close game. Out of the Sun's (5-1) 75 points, 27 of them were from three point range and 16 of them were free throws. Chicago, obviously, had a chance to tie it at the buzzer, but Jia Perkins of the Sky -- who scored 21 -- missed the final shot from 12 feet.

Storm 64, Comets 63. Swin Cash of the Storm (5-1) scores 11 of her 19 points in the fourth quarter and Sue Bird hits the game-winning layup with 6.4 points remaining as the Comets (0-5) couldn't finish off the home team.

The game got weird at the end. Both teams committed 53 combined fouls and one of the refs blew her whistle inadvertantly, stopping the clock with 4.6 seconds left. The clock was restarted at 3.8 seconds, but Houston couldn't get a shot off...and then, the clock froze up at 3.4 seconds. Then the refs reviewed it and reset the clock to 0.8 seconds, with the Storm possessing! Houston gets its hands back on the ball, but 0.8 seconds isn't enough to do anything. One of those games from hell.

Jambi the Genie goes 0-2 against the line for 4-2 overall. The Elder Gods may be gods, but they ain't omnipotent.

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