Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dream/Sky on 6/6/08 - Part One

This is the first of three entries regarding the Dream/Sky Game on Friday. This is simply a list of observations.

Leaving Work and Getting There: Getting there was incredibly straightforward, it just took a long time. Atlanta is known for its horrible traffic, and on a Friday afternoon, this was no exception. I made the mistake of taking Jimmy Carter Blvd from work to I-85 Southbound. That must have added at least 20 minutes to my traffic time, bumper to bumper all the way.

Finding Philips Arena: Not too difficult. Just take the exit off 249 C, go straight. Sooner or later, you'll be forced to follow a road along Centennial Olympic Park, and that road will take you to Philips. Parking is right across the street. Fifteen dollars, tho.

The crowd: Sparse at first, but they began coming in during the second half. Very urban crowd, which I expect were there to see a gospel show. To them, the Dream/Sky game was just something in the way to what they wanted to see. If you're of the "majority color" and you're not comfortable unless you're surrounded by a lot of people of your own race, this isn't the venue for you.

The seat: Section 118, Row D, Seat 1. Wanted an isle seat, and there wasn't anything in the aisle near the Dream bench, so that put me near the Sky bench instead. As it turned out, a couple of autograph seekers were camped out in this section. One of the women had a book of cards of WNBA players -- I wonder where you get those cards. As various members of the Sky headed back to the dressing room, they were stopped by the autograph seekers. I got pictures of Dominique Canty, Jia Perkins, Brooke Wycoff, and Chastity Melvin. Once the autograph seekers got what they wanted, they exited the section.

Pre-game: Not a lot of people sitting around. They wouldn't let us take our seats until 6:30 pm anyway. After clearing security, I stopped by a kiosk and purchased an Atlanta Dream flag, which I waved like a madman during this game and intend to take with me during future games.

During the game: Definitely, watching the game up close is a different experience from watching on TV or listen on the radio. Ivory Latta had this perpetually distressed look on her face, as if she were watching a house full of burning kittens. It was kind of funny. I suspect this is the look she always has on her face.

Somewhat rowdy crowd, many of whom I suspect were kids dragged along by their parents. Two teenage girls kept up a barrage of "Dream Sucks" chants during the third quarter. Annoying, but they got tired of it.

Crowd participation: Hard to tell from the Sky side of the court. All of the cheering was at the Atlanta side of the stadium. Damn. I have to get seats there next time.

Called out: Event staff, looking for volunteers for a three-point shooting contest, wanted me to participate at a mid-quarter contest. I politely but firmly declined. I've got negative game.

Moves: There was a jumbotron dance contest regarding who had the best moves in the audience. The camera centered on a participant who didn't seem to be wearing a bra, but had no problems letting the world know that.

She won.

Results: The teenage girls: annoying. The game result: disappointing.

Am I going back? Pffft. This is the Atlanta Dream Blog! The Dream are always going to get love from me, rain or shine.

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