Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jambi the Genie says....

Jambi the Genie has gone an unimpressive 16-14 in WNBA picks this year. If Jambi can't score at least a 4-2 for Thursday night, Jambi will be unceremonially retired and dumped among the wreckage of Peewee's Playhouse. Mekka Lekka Hi, indeed.

Fever @ Liberty. The Liberty's woes continue with Katie Douglas scoring 28 in MSG. Indiana 83, New York 60.

Sun @ Shock. The Shock beat the Sun at home, so no advantage is gained. Detroit 73, Connecticut 62.

Monarchs @ Lynx. The Lynx have to work hard for their win, but they'll get back on the right track. Lynx 69, Monarchs 66.

Silver Stars @ Comets. I'm sorry, Hammonites. Tina Thompson has your number. Houston 81, San Antonio 75.

Mercury @ Sky. The Sky slow down Phoenix and grab an amazing Win. Chicago 72, Phoenix 69.

Mystics @ Sparks. Candace Parker might just throw down another dunk. Los Angeles 92, Washington 71.

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UPDATE: Tina Thompson has just been downgraded to "inactive" for the Silver Stars/Comets game. Jambi is skating over thin ice right now.

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