Wednesday, June 25, 2008

$4 Tickets for Weeknight Games

Right here. The offer is that for a limited time, you can get these tickets from Ticketmaster by entering the key word "GAS".

Oh yeah. That works for me. But are we talking about petroleum fuel or gastric upset?


A Founding Fan said...

That's great although unfortunate that they have to try to sell tickets so cheap. My fear is that we are going to have a national TV audience on Tuesday and no one but a few of us (and our signs!) are going to be there!

pt said...

My question is that we pulled 7800 in our last game. Why are we selling tickets cheap? I suppose because it's a weekday.

As for signs, I'm going to try to make one but given the seasonal nature of my work, I don't know if I'm even going to have time on the weekend to sit down and create, much less get a sign over to you to display.

A Founding Fan said...

Pet, and at least for Tuesday, it is a nationally televised game. Not good to show scores of empty seats in primetime!