Thursday, June 12, 2008

Like Hell Heat

This site on the Chicago Sky website gives a taste of what life is like on the road in the WNBA. Here is a section from the writeup about the Sky's visit to Atlanta:

Road Trip 2 - Atlanta

Thursday June 5, 2008
Today marks our first trip ever to Atlanta to take on the newest WNBA franchise, the Dream. The team has been looking forward to getting to the south, and enjoying some HOT, HOT weather, and well, it hit us as soon as we landed and stepped off the plane. Since some of our girls are from the South, including Armintie, Quianna, Chasity and Jia, they knew exactly what to expect. As Armintie put it, “It’s like hell heat down here.” Just take my word for it, it was extremely hot. After we made it to the hotel, Chas mentioned the Celtics-Lakers game, so we all invited ourselves to her room to watch. The rule of the night was that you could only join the viewing party if you were cheering for Boston, and we all were. So we ordered dessert from room service and watched Boston win game one of the NBA Finals, then called it a night.

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