Monday, June 30, 2008

"Despite Record, Atlanta Keeps Pushing"

An article from the Norwich (CT) Bulletin, which is a recommended read.


Marynell Meadors: "When I was choosing this team, I had four (centers). Now I have one."

Betty Lennox: "I remember me being here (for the season-opener, a 100-67 loss) and not even knowing the plays. The first game, I did not know one single play. I remember every time I was in the game, I was either in this corner on this end of the floor or that corner on that end."


Q said...

Nice article.

In watching them play the Shock, I noticed Latta has developed a lot over the course of the season. She just looks more confident and you have to figure that is a huge reason for the team's success.

pt said...

Well, how successful can you be when you lose all your games? :D

But yes, Latta is becoming more and more comfortable running the offenses. Our choices are limited, but Latta is clearly doing the best that she can to bring people into the offense. I think she could start for just about any team in the WNBA.