Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It Happened Elsewhere!

Sun 75, Lynx 66. A lot of empty seats on ESPN2, but most of Minnesota was waiting for Game 3 of the NBA Finals -- even though he no longer plays for the Timberwolves, Minnesota wants Kevin Garnett to get a ring. Their interests were elsewhere tonight.

A horrible game played by both teams. The Sun (8-1) kept coughing up the ball and the Lynx (6-2) couldn't convert the coughups to points. The Lynx led 37-28 at halftime, but the Sun came back in the third and stayed a basket away for much of the game. Connecticut only shot 40 percent from the field; Minnesota hit bottom at 33 percent.

With the starters looking unimpressive, both sides turned to their benches. Barbara Turner of the Sun turned it on in the fourth quarter, scoring nine of her eighteen points. Tied with only about five and half minutes left, Connecticut's 7-0 scoring run later in the game gave them command of the game and the victory, sweeping Minnesota in the season series.

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