Saturday, May 23, 2009

WNBA: Car Talk

Tamera Young's ride.

Chamique Holdsclaw on Twitter asks "Why does Tamera (Young) have a 22 sign in gleam on the hemi charger but is rolling on factory, hmm?"

Being tragically unhip, I didn't understand that sentence. My wife suggests that Big Smooth is talking about Little Smooth's rims, and that Big Smooth is puzzled that Young has factory rims for her nice car.

Angel McCoughtry pipes up. "Wow, all the vets have Hummers, Maybacks, Bentleys and Ferraris...must be nice." To which Chamique responds, "Girl, you got a Bentley, what are you complaining about? ::LOL::" Later, Young opines that factory rims are only for BMWs.


Hoopalonious, aka Sue said...

I finally gave in today and signed up for twitter, so I saw the car talk. Still looking for the other day - Daniel said Wiggins called Augustus a bully.

Anonymous said...

Tamera has factory rims temporarily because of ATL horrible pot holes in the road that broke and cracked her rims. So she did have 22 rims when she bought her car last year up until last week in a terrible Pot hole . That is what "Big Smooth" is talking about. From their convo, Young is getting the wheels changed on Wed. Young must don't see her outside of her uniform. ha

Anonymous said...

Mique is prob talkin about how normally people have the numbers 22, 24, 26 etc in chrome on their cars to indicate the size of their aftermarket rims. Obviously Tamera's rims are factory so it doesn't mesh.

pt said...

Hoopalonious - Check your e-mail. Glad to "see" you on Twitter.

Anon #1 - I wasn't saying that Little Smooth was unhip. I was saying that *I* was unhip, because if I knew something about car culture I would have understood what Big Smooth was talking about.

Anon #2 - Thanks for the update. I don't understand car culture, so talk about rim sizes is like hieroglyphics to me.