Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Preseason Game: Liberty 77, Mystics 71

The box score is here.

The attendance for the game was 15,958. A poster at RebKell stated that the majority of that 15,000 were probably kids, though, but you gotta admit that 15,000 is impressive for a meaningless pre-season game.

Nakia Sanford led the Mystics with 17 points and 8 rebounds - however, she shot 11 for 19 at the free throw line. Shameka Christon led the Liberty with 12 points and 2 rebounds.


* Marissa Coleman debuted in a Washington Mystics uniform. She shot 3-for-8 with no free throws and one 3-pointer, scoring 7 points and 7 rebounds in 27 minutes of play.

* Kia Vaughn did not play. Twelve other members of the Liberty did play.

* The Mystics outrebounded the Liberty 39 to 27. However, they only shot 36 percent from the field compared to the Liberty's 43 percent. At the free throw line the Mystics were 27-for-37 compared to the 24-for-28 of the Liberty. The Mystics had more opportunities for points from free throws and couldn't capitalize. The Libs only turned the ball over 11 times compared to 19 turnovers from the visitors.

There will be another game tonight at 10 pm ET with Sacramento visiting Seattle.


Ethan said...

RE: Attendance, The first game seems to be the big draw, then it's a sub-9000 gulf until playoff time. I'll be tracking attendance this year hoping for the mystical and arbitrary 10K threshold to break. Stand by for the haters to move the goal posts and say that 100K is "serious" attendance, like the NFL.

RE: Liberty winning, yay!

RE: Liberty in general, I'm hoping beyond hope that Leilani Mitchell makes the roster. I'm going to see the NY/SASS game in San An next month and am STOKED to see the Liberty "live and in person" rather than on TV.

RE: Washington, I'd be a tab bit concerned that the #2 scorer was a bench player. But it's Washington so "ehhh."


Rebecca said...

Remember that this was part of the Liberty's STH package, so even people who weren't physically present counted as part of the attendance.

If Leilani doesn't make the roster, there will be hell to pay.

Thanks for the reportlet. Was on the road- as I will be again today for the Sun game!