Monday, May 18, 2009

Eurobasket Summer League 2009: Sign Ups for New Players in New York

The Eurobasket Summer League has its registration for female players on June 9-10th in New York City.

According to the website at (linked from, the #1 stop for news about how WNBA players are doing in the off-season) the event is to sign up players for the Eurobasket summer league.

According to the page "Over 46% of the players who participated in the ESL in 2008 landed professional contacts in forty (40) different leagues around the world this season." Of course, you should take this with a grain of salt:

a) these numbers might refer to men's basketball players only, and
b) the contract signing might not have had anything to do with playing in the ESL, and
c) this 46 percent covers anything that might be considered a professional league. You might end up in the French A league, or the Kazakhstan B league, or anything in between.

The cost of signing up is $399 per player for the New York women camp. Players are responsible for their transportation to the city and hotel expenses. The ESL will provide special hotel rates for players.

The Pleasant Dreams Blog does not endorse the ESL - we're just putting the information out there. Contact marketing @ if you're interested.

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