Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scott Hastings and the WNBA

ESPN's SportsNation interviewed Scott Hastings. If you don't follow men's basketball, he's described thusly: "An 11-year veteran of the NBA, Hastings played for five different teams including the Knicks, Hawks, Heat, Pistons, and Nuggets. While with the Pistons, Scott won a NBA Championship defeating the Trail Blazers four games to one. Currently Hastings co-hosts a daily sports talk radio show on KOA in Denver. He is in his fourth season as a play-by-play analyst for the Denver Nuggets and in his sixth season as the color analyst for the radio broadcasts of the Broncos."

The amusing thing is that someone asked him about the WNBA:

Tristan (Bronx, NY): Do you think Denver deserves a WNBA franchise and would you be the voice of it?

Scott Hastings: I coached girls high school basketball for two years, so I would love to be affiliated with it, whatever it might be. I appreciate the women's game. Look what Laimbeer has done. Forget being the voice of it, I may want to be the coach.

(* * *)

I'll just say that I think the WNBA could work in Denver and leave it at that. And the new owner, of course, should at least give Hastings a courtesy call.


Ethan said...

BUT, if WNBA-Denver follows the "name your team in harmony with the men's team" precedent, they'd be the... what? Denver Dust? Denver Gravel? Denver Glitter?

pt said...

How about the Denver Bling? Or the Denver Golddiggers?

Ethan said...

Naw, they'll be the Denver Mountains or Denver Peaks. :-|