Monday, May 4, 2009

They Said It

"I knew that by the time I reached Tina, I was going to hit her. I had to hit her. In a split second, I thrust my arms out to shove her. My hands went all the way to her throat. I made contact, but then I quickly stepped back. The only thing that saved me what the fact that I knew Tina and I had a love for her. That was why I decided, at the last second, not to sock her. I just shoved Tina really hard. When I looked at my friend, I could not hit her the way that I really wanted to. I knew it was not right. But I was so angry and frustrated that then I started cursing. I felt like Tina had turned on me."

-- Lisa Leslie, "Don't Let the Lipstick Fool You", p. 178 (paperback version)


pilight said...

Leslie's lack of suspension for that is one of the great injustices in league history.

pt said...

Rebecca warned me that Leslie doesn't come off as well in this autobiography as she thinks she does.