Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wanted: One Mascot

From NBA Team Jobs:

This position will be required to be in costume for various appearances, as well as, serve in a support role to the Mascot Coordinator during all home games. This position will also work to grow the character’s visibility and presence in the Atlanta community.

It's 5-20 hours a week, and it is unpaid. However, if you wanted to get your foot into professional sports management, why not start here? A good way to get the attention of WNBA and NBA staff members at Philips.

The big question: was this a paid position in 2008 (in which case it could be the sign of trouble), or has it always been an internship position?


Anonymous said...

so Star is no longer? dang, she grew on

Anonymous said...

Star is still alive, and this is no different than last year. Dream uses a super pro for Star for games and other major events, but uses a backup for milder events where Star does not have to do as much.