Friday, May 15, 2009

Chamique Returns! (New Article at Sports Illustrated)

The new issue of Sports Illustrated should have an article about Chamique Holdsclaw. The article has been posted at the SI website; I don't know if this is the article in its entirety or not.

An interesting quote from the article:

After leaving the Sparks, Holdsclaw said she was finally diagnosed with chronic tendinitis. She underwent a new procedure known as "platelet-rich plasma,'' in which a person's own blood is used to treat the injury.

"It was painful as hell,'' she said. "Oh my God. They're basically pumping the tendon with blood. The pressure! Oh my God. I almost collapsed there one time.''

That was something I never knew before. It looks like Chamique really wants to play basketball, because who would go through something like that if they didn't want to play?

Another quote:

Chamique Holdsclaw has polished off the crab cakes and onion rings at Ted Turner's downtown restaurant when a fellow diner notices a tattoo on the inside of her wrist.

"Freedom,'' she says, holding up her arm proudly.

She got the tattoo shortly after "retiring'' from the WNBA, a tumultuous time in her life when she was called everything from star to selfish to head case.

That must be Ted's Montana Grill. I've not eaten at the one downtown, but the food is good. Chamique also likes the Flying Biscuit, and I've tried that too.

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