Monday, May 18, 2009

Second-Hand Training Camp Notes: May 18 2009

All Eyez on Me

(via Twitter)

* We have two new nicknames for Dream players. Chamique Holdsclaw is known as "Big Smooth" and Tamera Young is known as "Lil Smooth". You have to watch out for that "Smooth/Smoove" nickname. Ivory Latta nicknamed Kristin Haynie "K-Smoove" last year, and look what happened.

* Some more pictures from Big Smooth.

** The beginning of the long day.
** Tales of the sleeping rookie.
** More snoozin'.

* From Chantelle Anderson: "Media day is taking 4ever. I just want to go home and lay down! :)"

* More from Big Smooth (I think Chamique Holdsclaw might become the Designated Twitterer.):

"Our rookies are great! They have been awesome on the first 2 days of rookie duty. They had donuts and bagels waiting for us this morning!" I think this horrible rookie hazing is inexcusable and should be reported to the WNBA, Chamique - but I'll keep my mouth shut for a donut.

* Another reason to follow Big Smooth: two "Bubble Tweets" of a sleeping rookie waking up.

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