Monday, May 18, 2009

A Stellar Collection of Atlanta Dream Pics

One pic among many great pics.

If you like Atlanta Dream pictures...well, we've got plenty of them from media day at Yahoo! Sports.

There are thirty-three pictures and they are all just jaw-droppingly good. If you only click one link on this blog today, the link above is the one you have to click. The pictures are "picture perfect" professional quality pics. Furthermore, we get some insight into player numbers:

Furthermore, we know all the numbers that will be worn by potential Atlanta Dream players. Trust me, the players are wearing their numbers in the pics.

#1 - Chamique Holdsclaw
#2 - Michelle Snow
#5 - Shalee Lehning
#7 - Chantelle Anderson
#8 - Iziane Castro Marques
#9 - Coco Miller - Chioma Nnamaka wore the number last year
#11 - Tamera Young - Tamera has changed numbers from #23 last year - Kristen Mann previously wore this number
#12 - Ivory Latta
#14 - Erika de Souza - I believe she was a no-show for Media Day...there weren't any pictures of her among the 33 pics above
#20 - Sancho Lyttle - Camille Little wore the number when she was with the Dream last year
#21 - Jennifer Lacy
#35 - Angel McCoughtry - Kasha Terry wore the number last year
#42 - Nikki Teasley
#51 - Marlies Gipson - the first player ever for the Dream to wear a number in the fifties

...oh yeah, I forgot. The other ninety or so pictures are from other WNBA teams. But who cares about them? One Team, One Dream!

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