Sunday, May 31, 2009

No Takebacks?

I reported with an earlier blog entry that Chantelle Anderson has informed the world via both Yardbarker and Twitter that she has been waived from the Dream.

The problem: the Dream haven't announced it. Neither on their own web page, nor on the WNBA Transactions page.

Could it be...possibly...that the Dream are either a) thinking of cutting someone else, or b) thinking of a trade deal which would not involve cutting Anderson loose, with Anderson being part of the deal?

This failure to announce Anderson's waiver is extremely annoying. Either the Dream need to announce it, or they need to let Anderson know that they are having second thoughts, or they need to let the public know that Anderson was mistaken.

UPDATE: The waiver has finally been announced on the WNBA Transactions page.

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Anonymous said...

Chill....just trying to find a place for her to land and she knows it. Team could have just waived her on Thursday and left her out there but instead is trying to work to find her a slot somewhere to ensure no one takes her on waivers ahead of someone that might actually plan to keep her....may or may not happen, but it is a good thing not a bad thing and anyone misreading the delay just does not understand how this works...