Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peace in the Valley

With WNBA training camp now started, and with Iziane Castro Marques and Erika de Souza probably back in Atlanta by now, Iziane took care of one last piece of business before leaving.

Hortência, famous former Brazilian player and now director of women's basketball in Brazil, had to get Iziane Castro Marques and women's coach Paulo Bassul to agree to work together. Through e-mails and conversations, Iziane finally agreed that she'd do whatever was best for the Brazilian team.

There had been some question about whether or not Paulo Bassul should be reconfirmed as the coach of the Brazilian women's national team. That matter has now been settled - he's back. And he says that if Izi qualifies for selection (which is pretty much a given) that he welcomes her return and that she just needs to show a different attitude.

It will be interesting the first time the two take the court as coach and player for the same team.

(From with help of the Painel do Basquete Feminino blog.)

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