Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Ten Burning Questions About the Preseason Game

1. Will Star show up? We've been asking about Star recently, so we want to know that Star is alive and well and ready to perform.

2. Last year, the Dream used the same warm-up song for what appeared to be every single game. It was a rap song whose lyrics, I'm sad to say, I couldn't translate. I think it went "give me two fries with that shake" or something like that. Let's see if they found a new song for the CD changer.

3. In 2008, only one player had a personalized announcement whenever she made two points - Betty Lennox. It went something like "Basket scored by B-Money - cha-CHING!" Maybe someone else will get the announcement this year.

4. What will the new "let's announce all the players" movie on the big screen on the scoreboard look like?

5. Will they dim the house lights and bring out the special alternating lights when the new members of the 2009 Atlanta Dream are announced, the way they do during a televised game (sometimes the smoke machine is turned on)? Or will the lights be fully up?

6. Is the "get the game started" song still going to be Supergirl, or will the Atlanta Dream move on?

7. Will Dr. J show up? He showed up at a couple of games last year. It would be cool to see his continued interest.

8. Will there be a ton of Tennessee jerseys in the crowd, indicating that Atlanta Dream fandom has Turned Orange?

9. Who will Art Eckman fall in love with this year, now that Katie Mattera is a) married and b) out of Atlanta?

10. What will the attendance be like? The attendance for the preseason game will be a good indicator not just for the health of the Dream, but the health of the WNBA as well.

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Anonymous said...

1 Yes Star will be there
2,4,5,6 - Expect nothing new or sexy, this is a preseason game, new stuff gets unveiled opening night June 6, this is intentionally low key
7 - doubt it, this is an exhibition game on a weeknight
8 - we will see
9 - i would bet on lehning if she makes the team
10 - can't read anything into an exhibition crowd on a weeknight on the week of memorial day, some teams do a kids focus to increase #s but otherwise these are typically pretty small crowds and often not even played at the regular large arena