Friday, May 1, 2009

LFB (Spain) Finals 2/2008 - Ros Casares 70, Perfumerias 66

Elisa Aguilar is on hand to celebrate for El Ros.

In the second game of the best-of-three series, Ros Casares found themselves on the road. They won the first game by forty points at home, but could they win the next one on the road? An 11-0 start would end up being the key to the game with Ros Casares holding on 70-66 to win the Championship of the Liga Femenina.

The first quarter of this game was very much like the first quarter of Game 1 - Perfumerias found themselves behind early with the Ros Casares players keeping Michelle Snow from scoring. Only Gunta Basko and Michelle Snow could score in the first twelve minutes, and Ros Casares was head 22-10 after the first quarter.

However, Perfumerias caught a break - Erika de Souza left the game temporarily with an elbow injury in the second quarter. Unfortunately, the home team couldn't capitalize and they were down 39-28 at halftime.

After halftime, Snow got off to a much better start. In the third quarter with two minutes to go, Snow helped Perfumerias close to within eight, 49-41. The fans got into the game, and with four minutes left, Perfumerias closed the gap to 61-55 with four minutes to go. A three-pointer by Basko brought the home team to within three points, 63-60, with just two minutes to go. Unfortunately, that was as close as Perfumerias would ever get as Ros Casares wouild not be shaken.

Elisa Aguilar (above) after the game said "It's been a long season. The goal of winning three national titles (Supercopa, Copa de la Reina and Liga Femenina) has been achieved and the penalty may not have achieved the Euroleague, but I am very happy with what we have done. The women of Perfumerias were very good today.. The other day (Game One) was very rare, was not the usual Perfumerias."

By the way...if you don't think that 3,100 spectators means much compared to the "real basketball" of the NBA, the sound level at one time was measured at 105.1 decibels. This is right between a jackhammer and a riveting machine. (I wish we yelled that loud at Dream games.)

It was a tight shooting game. Ros Casares hit 43 percent of their attempted field goals, with Perfumerias hitting 39 percent. Both teams rebounded well, with Perfumerias holding a 39-34 rebounding edge. Undoubtedly the key to the game was the fact that Perfumerias sent Ros Casares to the free throw line 21 times, and Ros Casares made 81 percent of their free throw attempts.


Michelle Snow: A great game, with 22 points and 20 rebounds. 9-for-18 shooting.
Gunta Baska: 11 points, 5 reboundds.
Le'coe Willingham: 6 points, 7 rebounds, 5 turnovers.

Ros Casares

Erika de Souza: 15 points, 9 rebounds in 32 minutes of play. 7-for-14 shooting. Hopefully, de Souza and Snow can be friends in Atlanta.
Amaya Valdemoro: 18 points, 6 turnovers.
Candace Wiggins: 4 points in only six minutes played.
Delisha Milton-Jones: 10 points. Fouled out.

(* * *)

And with this game, the final two Atlanta Dream players - Erika de Souza and Michelle Snow - should be free to go to the United States. The overseas off-season - at least as far as the Dream is concerned - is over.

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