Saturday, November 7, 2009

Season Tickets on Sale for 2010; "Coco Miller is WHERE?"

The new page for Atlanta Dream Season Tickets is up. However, there is no information on the pricing of the packages. I wonder if there are just two Dream Account Representatives right now.

The Dream also has a players overseas page, but the page still lists Coco Miller as playing in Russia. If she is, the name of the team is a complete mystery. I'm thinking of putting up a milk carton looking for her - her sister Kelly, however, is playing in the Russia Superleague A.

I don't believe that Coco Miller is playing anywhere right now. If you know otherwise, let me know.


Scarab said...

Season Ticket Holders got an email last week from the new owner. One of things is said was that STH package prices would stay the same as last year.

Anonymous said...

I was a 2009 STH, and did not get an email. Which is the rep who has successfully been doing their job?

Anonymous said...

4 people on the sales staff. (There used to be 9).

DFO might be a little bit overwhelmed at the moment.