Saturday, November 7, 2009

2009-10 Women's College Basketball Television Schedule

Imagine that you're sitting at home and you're stuck watching School of Rock for the ninth time because you were channel-surfing and happened to wipe out on the Jack Black Channel. Half-asleep, you are unaware that your favorite school is playing a great women's basketball game on higher-level cable...and you don't know!

No problem! Thanks to Wendy Parker on Twitter, I have been clued in to the 2009-10 Women's College Basketball Televsion Schedule Database. Oh yeah. You can sort the database by your favorite school, by your favorite conference, and by your favorite network...and if you get bored enough, there is a men's college basketball television schedule that does the same thing.

Oh yeah. This is nice. But why doesn't Georgia Tech have a televised game until December 2nd?

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