Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Eternal Comparison: Women's Basketball in Spain

Journalist Alejandro Santana, who follows Perfumerias in Spain, writes about media coverage in Spain. Perfumerias is lucky as its home city - Salamanca - has three local newspapers, three radio shows and one television station. However:

But Salamanca’s case is exceptional and the media coverage is not the same in the rest of the country. Women’s sport and especially Women’s basketball, is not treated like it deserves to be treated. Games are almost never broadcast on the national TV. According to the national TV, some other competitions, even if they are from minor sports, are more interesting. The national sports newspapers dedicate to Women's basketball only few lines once in a while. Last season, when Salamanca became the vice-champion of the Euroleague, the media didn't really comment this performance. It seems that they didn't realize what a huge event it was! In fact, they just noticed the importance of the performance. That’s how unfair the media coverage of Women’s basketball in Spain is! That’s why, if you love Women’s basketball, you have to restrict yourself and wait for a piece of news to appear from somewhere. On the contrary, in Salamanca thousands of fans can’t wait to buy a newspaper every day to read everything which deals with Perfumeria Avenida.

It looks Spanish women's basketball fans are like American women's basketball fans - you either have to strip-mine the existing media or invent one of your own to find anything out.

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