Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lauren Jackson Leaves Spartak, Will Play for Canberra

From ABC News in Australia:

The Canberra Capitals will sign Opals superstar Lauren Jackson tomorrow for the rest of the Women's National Basketball League season.

The Capitals are yet to raise the $220,000 for Jackson but will register her after she was released by her Russian Club in Moscow.

Two thoughts: 1) How much money was Jackson getting for Spartak? I suspect the $220K is a discount for living in the comforts of home.

2) What does this mean for Spartak when someone who might be the best player in the world - the argument could certainly be made, Taurasi fans - leaves them? Of course, Spartak gets $220K but is the widow of a billionaire really that hard up for money....?

Oh yeah. Jean Davidson. Never mind.

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