Monday, November 23, 2009

Monarchs Watch: Day 4

Right now, both Monarchs fans and WNBA fans are waiting for some rumbling somewhere - anywhere - in the Bay Area or from the WNBA that the Monarchs will be relocated/find an owner.

The first problem is that there is a deadline of sorts. The 2010 schedule has to be finalized and teams need to know if they're going to be playing the Monarchs or not. Flight and hotel arrangements have to be prepared. If there's a dispersal draft, teams need to know before they start talking seriously to the available free agents.

Aside from snide commentary: no news. Not even any rumors. Supposedly, President Donna Orender is hard at work, but one problem is the holiday season. You can bet in many locations this is an abbreviated and non-attentive week. What are the chances of finding any major philanthropist or CEO in his or her office during Thanksgiving week?

In the meantime, hope springs eternal that the 'Narchs can find a landing spot somewhere in the Bay Area. I don't think the arena is all that important. What is important is an owner who can handle the initial losses. We don't need another Hilton Koch situation.

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