Thursday, November 26, 2009

Monarchs Watch: Day 7

While President Donna Orender of the WNBA posts her Much to be Thankful For which can be linked from the WNBA front page, the link which states that the WNBA is trying to find a home for the Monarchs has finally disappeared. This doesn't mean that the WNBA isn't actively looking for a new owner for the Monarchs - and they're not going to be looking during the Holidays - but if the WNBA is planning to kill the Monarchs this is the right time to end any Monarchs talk, namely when everyone is looking at a turkey leg. (Or imitation tofurkery leg.)

nickv1025 over at Rebkell suggested that the WNBA's strategy is to quietly let the Monarchs die, but to offer a carrot with the stick. Namely, to state that they would increase the roster sizes of each team from 11 to 12, with the 12th player remaining inactive if the other 11 players are healthy - or likewise, to make it more simple for an injured player to stay on the roster. This also makes it more likely that the Monarchs players could find a safe landing spot.

Mechelle Voepel over at her blog page states:

All business owners have to think in business terms if they want to be successful. And yet it never fails to amaze me how so many people who reach power through successful businesses can sometimes fall so far short of the responsible way to deal with other people, particularly their employees.

Certainly, the Maloofs had the right to pull out of the WNBA if they felt it was financially too burdensome for them. But they could have said proper farewells to the players and those who worked for the Monarchs organization. They could have faced the music in that way.

I'm in complete agreement. It wasn't that the Maloofs dropped the Monarchs, it's the way that it was handled. The fomer Monarchs org didn't even have the common decency to inform their players individually - they were left to find out about it from other sources or to be surprised by the initial announcement.

Of course, I don't expect any news over the Thanksgiving holiday - but this is the first day in the national press since last Friday's announcement that there was no mention of the Monarchs at all, not even in an opinion article. Whether there will be an effort to save the Monarchs, or whether everyone will say "You know what? After the Shock, the Dream, and the Fever being in peril this year, we're just too tired to care anymore." And that would be a shame, particularly on Thanksgiving.


Chris said...

You realize that just the World Series winner's cuts of Chad Gaudin and Ramiro Pena (two guys who never stepped on the field for even one pitch in this year's Fall Classic) could have funded the salaries of the entire Monarchs roster? Every player on the postseason roster of the World Series winner received a bonus of just over $400,000, a new record. (Other teams got smaller bonuses, depending on how far they got. The participating players shared 60% of postseason gate receipts.). It's a shame we had to lose the Monarchs, who were adored by and were role models for so many young people, especially when you consider just how unbelievably small a piece of the sports pie they occupied, cost-wise.

Chris said...

Got to make some corrections to my earlier post: World Series winners cuts were "only" $365,000. So let's throw in Brian Bruney (who pitched in only one World Series game, giving up three hits and two runs in 1/3 innings for an ERA of 54.00) along with Gaudin and Pena as three players whose World Series bonuses combined could easily pay the player personnel costs of the Monarchs for one season. The Yankees also handed out winner's shares to 46 players, which means 20 (Pena was a mid-series injury replacement) players NOT even on the World Series roster also received $365,000 bonuses.

One more correction: The bonuses came from gate receipts of only the first four games of the League Championship and World Series and first three games of the Division Series, NOT the entire playoffs.

Sorry for the mistakes, but the point of my original post still stands.