Monday, November 23, 2009

Iziane 3, Bassul 0

Some surprising news from the Painel do Basquete Feminino blog. It looks like Paulo Bassul's days are numbered as the coach of the Brazilian women's basketball team.

My understanding is that it's leaking from the highest levels of Brazilian basketball that Bassul will be figuratively placed on an ice floe and set adrift at sea. Hortencia Marcari, playing the role of Donna Orender in Brazil, simply said "The issue is not the coach for now."

PBF thinks that Bassul is doomed. Not only is he doomed, this opens the door for Iziane Castro Marques to play for the Brazilian national team again. Everyone and his dog knew in Brazil that Bassul was the obstacle keeping Iziane from returning to the team. Iziane hates Bassul, and I suspect the feeling was mutual. Bassul wanted Iziane to at the very least make an act of contrition, but Iziane preferred not to play instead.

As PBF put it:

This bizarre situation has actually rewarding those who should be punished. The presence of Iziane is a matter of honor for Hortense, who has maintained frequent contacts with the wing and try to convince her to accept a new call. Without Bassul, it is certain that she will accept. It will be a three-pointer of indiscipline.

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