Monday, November 9, 2009

Angel McCoughtry Signs With Dobrí anjeli Košice

Okay, Chamique Holdsclaw didn't work, and they got Candice Dupree to replace her. Now, Shanna Crosley isn't working out, and the "Good Angels" picked up Angel McCoughtry to replace her.

According to przemoe over on RebKell, the plan was for McCoughtry to play in China during the off-season. However, the unnamed team in China withdrew the contract which gave Dobrí anjeli Košice the opportunity to sign McCoughtry.

If you read the translated article, the reason for the sudden change is desperation. Even though Dobrí anjeli Košice is a perfect 11-0 in Extraliga play in Slovakia, the club is 0-2 in Euroleague. This could be the last time that Dobrí anjeli Košice participates in Euroleague if there's no reversal of fortune. Times are tight.

My understanding is that McCoughtry is signing with Košice for seven weeks. Whether she stays longer or not depends on Košice, on their Euroleague performance and their finances. Just a heads up for McCoughtry - if Košice doesn't win right away, you might be the one that gets the blame, fairly or not. Just thinking about what happened to The Claw.

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